Paddlefish Adventure's Mission Statement

We have bought Paddlefish Adventure to run as a small family business; our goals and priorities are to keep everyone safe and to have fun. We want everyone to leave the boat with a big happy smile on their face (with lots of fish)! We'll be offering deep sea, mackerel trips and coastal cruises.We look forward to welcoming you onboard...


        Jonathan Dunn

Your Skippers

John is a local boy and has been on and around the water his whole life. He was born in Newquay and grew up in a house overlooking Newquay harbour where he used to watch the boats from a young age. From around the age of 8 he would hustle the mackerel boat trip skippers to take him out for an hour or two after school. John has always loved being at sea and has more often than not owned a boat to enjoy his favourite pastime. 

In 2009 John moved to the Philippines and later met his wife Joy.  They built and opened a restaurant and guest house business together. John had a boat made to provide his guests island tours around the beautiful Hundred Islands National Park. He named his boat 'Sandra' after his mom! They have since moved back to Newquay with their little deckhand Hunter who is also developing into a right little fisherman. The family decided to buy 'The Adventuress' and continue to offer boat trips from Newquay Harbour. Johns love for meeting new people, the sea, boats and catching a few for dinner makes this his perfect dream job. John is RYA qualified, holds STCW, First Aid and Sea Survival. He has also won awards for working in high pressure environments.

The Adventuress
"The Adventuress" is a specially adapted "Lochin 33" workboat with twin 318bhp engines. There is an overhead canopy which provides shelter for rainy days, areas to sit and also a fully flushing marine toilet on board! A stock of cold drinks, water, chocolate bars and crisps are available to buy on board and  "The Adventuress" is a fast and fun, yet very steady, boat on which you are far less likely to be seasick than some other types of boat!